Stelios Christodoulou

Whatever I need Evyenia is there to help. Logo design, company identity, web-design, are just a few of the things she does for me. Knowing things are in her hands I can concentrate on what I love most (my photography) without the normal everyday worries of designing and maintaining my website. Do I recommend her? YES!

Melanie Christoforou

Learning with Evyenia is addictive! I went for one program and at the moment I am on my fourth. She understands the need to create individual lesson plans and not just read from the curriculum - and her enthusiasm is infectious so that you feel like you are having fun and not actually learning - even though you do. I highly recommend her to anyone who really wants to understand the program of their choice.

Xristina Xristofi

The lessons with Ms Evyenia at UDesignCyprus are very enjoyable and my knowledge is now quite impressive thanks to her experience and easy way of communication. Even though I decided to start Photoshop lessons because it was necessary for my job at iDream Networx Ltd, when I graduate the Photoshop course I am currently doing, I definitely see myself continuing with other Adobe courses at UDesignCyprus.

Andria Kyriakou

AutoCAD is an essential program for 2D and 3D architectural drawings worldwide. UDesignCyprus helped me understand the program so I could professionally carry out my work at university. As a user of an Autodesk program, I would like to urge both students and architects to also attend the UDesignCyprus course. Here you learn to design with speed, accuracy and quality, easily! Because of these courses, I also managed to become an AutoCAD Certified User - something that will surely give me the upper hand in the near future!

Andrew Georgiou

Evyenia always finds a way to get around the technical issues and provide the necessary information in a clear and precise way to reach the outcome desired. As a student of interior design, there were things I thought were near to impossible to accomplish with the use of software available for students, but not only does she always find a way to overcome the obstacles, her teaching methods are crystal clear. I absolutely vouch for her.

Rafaella Ioannou

For her love in what she does and the great experience she has, results are fast and powerful from her teaching. In a short period of time, I have learnt two important programs necessary for my studies and in general my future. For sure, I will not stop at these two prgrams, because with the teaching of Mrs. Evyenia I am definitely going to obtain the necessary software skills (and more) to ensure a prosperous future!