Why Learn AutoCAD

  • Learn autocad at udesigncyprus

AutoCAD is possibly the most widely used Computer Aided Design software. Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Product Manufactures are some of the fields it is necessary for. Find below a quick list of some of the reasons why you would benefit from learning AutoCAD.


  • What we teach - AutoCAD

    AutoCAD is a software application used by many professions to draft in both 2D and 3D. Below is a list of some of the things you can choose to learn. If you are not sure what you need don't worry. Before scheduling any lessons, we like to meet you and talk about how you see yourself using the program, to see what best fits your needs.

    • Get to know the work area
    • X, Y and Z
    • Drawing tools
    • Modify tools
    • Layers basic and advanced
    • Text basic and advanced
    • Direct disctance entry
    • Snap tracking
    • Changing object properties
    • Hatch and section views
    • Organising a project
    • Blocks
    • Attributes
    • Dynamic blocks
    • Polylines and revision clouds
    • Parametric constraints

    Got the skills?

    Why not earn your ACU (Autodesk Certified User) credential in AutoCad. And if you think that is too easy why not go for an ACP (Autodesk Certified Professional).


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  • Our Mentality

    How we work

    At UDesignCyprus we provide individually tailored lessons to suit your needs. That is why, unless you request otherwise our lessons are on a one-to-one basis, ensuring you achieve the maximum of your abilities. We also have packages for companies and groups of friends who want to learn together.

    Who we teach

    Anybody with the want to learn. May you be a student trying to grasp the technical skills of the program or a professional either directly or indirectly linked to design and/or photomanipulation, we have the course for you. And on the off chance that we don't, we will create it. It is this flexibility that helps us stand out.