Rhino 3D software: 3D Modeling Software for Architecture and Industrial Design

Are you looking for the perfect 3D modeling tool for your 3D printing project? Rhinoceros 3D, also known as “Rhino”, or “Rhino 3D”, is computer-aided design software. Rhino CAD is used primarily in architectural trades, industrial design, and jewelry design. From rapid prototyping to production, check out all advantages offered by this computer-aided design program!

Rhino 3D: What is this 3D modeling software?

Rhino software is developed by Robert McNeel & Associates. 

Rhino is developed for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. Before Rhino 6, you could also include Grasshopper, a visual scripting language, to your experience. Now that Rhino 6 totally embraces Grasshopper, this programming language is now fully integrated. Grasshopper is primarily used to build generative algorithms, such as generative art. 

This 3D modelling software is a professional program, it will allow you to develop really complex models and geometries.

Who Uses Rhino?

Rhino is the most versatile of all 3D modelers, a jack-of-all-trades used in many industries.