Archicad Teamwork and Hotlinking


According to targeted observation and investigation via individual interviews made with professionals in the construction industry sector, a great need and lack of knowledge of the TEAM COLLABORATION work methodology has been observed. ARCHICAD provides two basic methods for sharing/dividing BIM project data among a team: Teamwork method for sharing projects, Hotlink method for dividing complex projects into smaller parts. BIMcloud, which is the host of Teamwork, is truly scalable and provides unique benefits for teams and large design projects. Teams located across continents can work simultaneously on large projects without hassle or delay. Smaller teams benefit from automated project snapshots and role management, thereby focusing on the design instead of management.

Working in a group means dealing with different workflows. With this type of BIM collaboration, companies have the flexibility to adapt their group’s working dynamics and give their members more autonomy to collaborate in the project, which in turn improves efficiency and productivity. Efficiency rules when work is appropriately divided within a team, responsibilities are shared, and tasks are more likely to be finished within a set time frame. Good teamwork also enhances group outcomes and the measurable effectiveness of organizations.

Description of candidates for participation
BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, BIM Supervisors, Directors, Team Leaders, Architects, Interior and Exterior Designers, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Technical Staff, Designers & Drafters, Site Supervisors and Foremen,

General Info

Live Online Microsoft Teams
25 October – 15 November
14:30 – 17:45
Participation fee: €360.00 + vat 68.00
Subsidy: €
Net cost: €120.00
The seminar is not subject to VAT for subsidy recipients
Special discount for self-employed and students

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